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Michael Vincent Michaud

Succulent 16" Adj. Drop Pendant


Succulent Collection


Succulents are a perfect way to provide any room with a boost of refreshing air, as they are often used to decorate homes.  The shapes of this soothing plant are intriguing as their semi-pointed leaves spiral around into its center.  While relaxing in his home one weekend, Michael Vincent was captivated by the movement the plant created. The succulents brought an aspect of fun and light to the room, ultimately inspiring Michael to design a collection based around the plant’s playfulness. By testing several glasses, he stumbled across the sea green color which now captures the brightness of the succulent. 

Michael’s work is notably unique in his process of cast glass, a technique not typically utilized in jewelry. Michael is able to capture bold colors and textures that make each jewelry design pop in glow with the glimmer of forever changing lights that hit the glass elements.


The Succulent Collection is cast in bronze layered in 24K Gold with cast leaf green glass elements. 


1.5" charm, 16" adjustable chain

Succulent 16" Adj. Drop Pendant